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How to Play

Check out the rulebook below, or click here to watch Preview and Playthru videos!




2-Player Rules Update



The Market


Stock Your Storehouse

Each round, every player is dealt a hand of 2 items and a storehouse of 9 hidden items.


Arcane Alley

Replace the Items, One by One

On your turn, you'll draw an item and replace one of your storehouse items (hidden or revealed) with an item from your hand. You choose the item to replace and the item you'll replace it with.


Sell Sets to Gain Gold

Try to make sets of three identical items (vertical, horizontal, diagonal), which will remove them from your storehouse and award you gold for the set. Gold is good — get enough and you'll win!


Make Good Use of Your Items

Each item is worth an amount of gold (good) for a sold set, an amount of infamy (bad) if you're caught with the item during an inspection, and a unique ability that lets you move, swap, and gain bonuses in your storehouse. The better an item is, the rarer it is, so plan your turns accordingly!


Beware the Inspection

Keep going until a player triggers the round's inspection (by ending their turn with no hidden items left). In the inspection, players reveal any hidden cards and gain infamy for all of their storehouse items. Gain too much infamy and you'll be fined, losing precious gold and falling behind in score!


... and Repeat!

The game is played over three rounds. After the third inspection, the player with the most gold wins! To achieve victory, you'll need to balance going for gold with minimizing your infamy, while keeping an eye on the other players. Good luck — you'll need it!

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