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Arcane Alley: Moonstruck Market

By Corwin Riddle | Art by Janette Ramos

Madame Moonstruck has arrived with her wily band of werewolf merchants in this expansion to Arcane Alley. Sell their moon-chanted items, purchase goods from the new market, and use the changing moon phases to maximize profit, but watch out for the inspectors!


Moonstruck Market


As the mysterious emerald moon hangs in the sky, Madame Moonstruck has emerged from the haunted forest and arrived at Arcane Alley. She brings with her a traveling market - merchants full of wolfish charm, ready to sell their ghastly goods and claw their way to the top of the black magic market.

Moonstruck Market is an expansion for Arcane Alley. It deepens the base game with the addition of new wizards, new items, a market for purchasing goods, new ways to create and sell sets, and new gameplay mechanics, including new effects and advancing moon phases.

Use one of several recommended combined item deck recipes to customize your game, including some or all of the new moon items to make your storehouses as infamous as you dare.

So bare your teeth and join the pack. The emerald moon is fickle, but so are fortunes, and there is always one to be made in Arcane Alley.

Note: The Moonstruck Market expansion is not standalone and requires Arcane Alley to play.

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